Energy resources and costs are critical to manufacturing processes and profitability.

GAM has been a leading contributor of reason and commentary for decades before the Georgia Public Service Commission on energy costs and utility regulatory policy. Working with regulators and energy providers, the Association has amassed the knowledge and experience to proactively and effectively reduce energy costs and ensure competitive terms of service for its members.

  • Significant accomplishments on behalf of manufacturers before the Public Service Commission include:
  • Mitigation of increases in electric rates sought by Georgia Power Company resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for Georgia manufacturers;
  • Intervention in the most recent Georgia Power Company rate case, providing over  $50 million in benefits to members from 2014 to 2016;
  • Successfully advocating for fuel cost recovery mechanisms, saving manufacturers tens of millions of dollars;
  • Winning Commission approval of GAM proposals to redesign existing or implement new tariffs intended to reduce the cost of electricity for manufacturers; and
  • Leading advocacy for natural gas deregulation resulting in tens of millions of dollars in savings for interruptible natural gas consumers