Welcome to the Georgia Association of Manufacturers 

Since its founding in 1900, the Association has represented the interests of Georgia manufacturers before the General Assembly, the Georgia Public Service Commission, and other state agencies, helping member companies address the issues most critical to their profitability. Created by Georgia's textile industry, the Georgia Association of Manufacturers (“GAM”) has steadily diversified its membership and broadened its reach and the scope of issues it addresses. While its mission has remained constant over the years, today GAM works on behalf of all Georgia manufacturers to enhance their competitiveness in a global marketplace. The Association promotes and depends upon a culture of engagement, bringing the intelligence and strengths of its members to meet challenges through the power of its broad and diverse roster of companies. GAM has built relationships between manufacturers and the policy makers who influence their success. Members enjoy the benefits of a long history of meaningful accomplishments on major issues from taxation to energy costs to environmental compliance. GAM achieves measurable results for its members, historically yielding a return far in excess of their dues investment. Recent legislative and regulatory accomplishments have yielded in excess of $300 million in annual tax, energy and other savings to Georgia manufacturers.