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Safety Conference & Awards Luncheon

Safety and Health

GAM is the leading organization in the State when it comes to developing health and safety policy for key Georgia businesses. The safety of the manufacturing team on the production floor is of paramount importance.

We take a multi-pronged approach to the issues:

  1. Our members share best practices across the wide variety of businesses in our State;
  2. (We help insure the State's worker's compensation and rehabilitation funds are available to meet the needs of team members if accidents occur;
  3. We work closely with the legislature and State regulatory agencies to craft policies that are effective at improving the safety of our manufacturing workforce across the State.

In addition to the work above, we also help members with:

  • Assisting with Compliance, Claims and Regulations: We work with our members to understand and navigate Georgia's workers' compensation laws and regulations.
  • Insurance issues: GAM's members carry extensive insurance related to workers' compensation claims and other safety oriented concerns. We play a role with the legislature and regulators to help keep insurance affordable to members and to provide benefits when needed.

Safety Conference & Awards Luncheon

Each March, GAM sponsors a one-day Safety Conference and Awards Luncheon (Conference).  The Conference serves two purposes, the first of which is to educate members via a program with distinguished speakers addressing timely and relevant safety-related topics.  The second purpose is to conduct an awards luncheon at which GAM member plants that have attained a superlative safety record over the prior calendar year are honored and recognized for their achievement. 

GAM promotes a culture of safety among its members and attendees of the Conference each year leave inspired to maintain and enhance the safety of manufacturing employees all across the state.


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