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Other Regulatory Advocacy

Regulatory Advocacy

Relieving regulatory burdens promotes manufacturing investment and success.

GAM works to ensure that rulemaking and other aspects of the regulatory process comply with legislative intent and minimize compliance burdens on Georgia manufacturers. The Association represents its members across a wide variety of state agencies including but not limited to:

  • The Environmental Protection Division, where GAM plays a key role in ensuring timely permitting and rulemaking that are responsive to the obligation for environmental stewardship and the need for economic growth;
  • The Department of Revenue, where GAM achieves bottom-line results in the implementation of state tax policy;
  • The State Board of Workers’ Compensation, where GAM leads consensus-based efforts that have resulted in one of the most efficient and effective workers’ compensation systems in the country; and
  • The Department of Labor, where GAM promotes fair and cost-effective administration of the unemployment insurance system.
  • The Department of Transportation, where GAM assists member companies in navigating the regulatory environment as it relates to permits for the use of Georgia's roads and highways, including oversize and overweight vehicles as well as aviation/airport concerns.
  • The Georgia Department of Economic Development, where GAM is partner to the State to retain and attract manufacturers, promote industry sectors and contribute to economic development efforts across Georgia.
  • The Georgia Department of Agriculture, where GAM works with member companies who touch the agriculture sector. GDA oversees issues around bio-fuels, pesticide, and fertilizer industries. The department also oversees the licensing and inspection of businesses and professionals in these industries.

Transportation, Ports and Airports

Outside of the scope of legislative affairs and regulatory, GAM has broad relationships with the key economic drivers of Georgia's economy. The Port of Savannah is an extraordinary assets with transportation infrastructure that easily moves goods up the US Eastern seaboard and across the key cities in the Southeast and Mid-West. The Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is the world's busiest airport and provides connections to the four corners of the globe.

We assist our member companies with the challenges they face in moving goods throughout the State as well as making introductions to the leadership of these important institutions.



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