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GAM goes to SFI

SFI Recap

GAM members tour the Smart Factory Institute in Chattanooga to learn more about improving the manufacturing process through AI.

Over 50 GAM members from 27 companies participated in the tour of SFI in January. SFI’s goal is to provide manufacturers with connections, collaborative relationships, and certifications for improving manufacturing processes including the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

AI is a vital topic in manufacturing as the industry addresses its chronic workforce challenges. Many of GAM’s manufacturing members have a strong interest in AI but have understandable reservations about implementing it, such as security, broadband capacity, and costs. As a result, GAM arranged this tour to address those concerns. During the event, attendees learned tangible and cost-effective steps for implementing AI using the “4-D method”. That is, automating “difficult, dangerous, dirty, or dull,” jobs and further promoting modern manufacturing as clean, safe, and technologically advanced. Moreover, attendees heard directly from small, medium, and large-sized manufacturers about their journey with AI and the strategic steps they’ve taken to implement it. 

As the event ended, GAM facilitated a brainstorming session to garner feedback on how the Association can support its members with AI. These discussions resulted in GAM developing an action plan to aid its members in assessing AI technology and implementation. If you want to learn more about the AI action plan and how to be involved, contact our Director of Workforce Development, Stephanie Scearce. 

Members who came to Chattanooga the night before gathered for dinner and fun at Top Golf. If you’re looking to engage and connect with the manufacturing community, attend our Spring Meeting.  

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