Keeping Members Informed

In addition to annual seminars and network meetings, GAM provides constant education to its members by keeping them informed with regard to the latest in public policy issues that impact their businesses.  GAM does this in several ways including but not limited to:

  • Publishing very thorough legislative reports at least every two weeks during each Session of the General Assembly, describing the latest developments regarding bills of interest.
  • As needed, communicating matters of great urgency before the General Assembly that might necessitate action by GAM members;
  • Providing periodic reports to members regarding major cases before the Georgia Public Service Commission;
  • Distributing timely and relevant newsletters and reports from subject-matter experts (often Associates) regarding employment law, the latest developments at OSHA, and the latest in workers’ compensation law, among other topics;
  • Sponsoring periodic seminars (in addition to the annual events) on specific topics of relevance to GAM members; and
  • Communicating regularly with members with regard to any other issue that could impact the costs or conditions of doing business for manufacturers in Georgia.