Board of Directors

Management and control of GAM is vested in the Board of Directors and Officers, composed of up to eighteen (18) elective directors with staggered terms, with the chairman, vice chairman, and treasurer being ex-officio, voting members of the Board. The past chairmen remain on the Board for life and are eligible to vote as long as they are employed by a GAM Active member company.


Terms Expiring in 2022

Phillip Bridges – Milliken & Company, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Jim Kelleher – Mitsubishi Power Americas, Pooler
Ben McElrath – Marglen Industries, Rome
Todd Shail – Mohawk Industries, Calhoun
Terry Wilson – Textile Rubber & Chemical Company, Dalton

Terms Expiring in 2023
Gerald Bruch – Honda Precision Parts of Georgia, Tallapoosa
Michael Edwards – Mannington, Calhoun
John Fluker – Grenzebach Corporation, Newnan
Mike Gorey – Propex Operating Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Bruce Hagenau – Metcam, Alpharetta

Michael Lonergan – Sailfish Boats, Cairo

Terms Expiring in 2024
Dee Barnes – Evans Tool & Die, Inc., Conyers
Kathleen Edge – Southwire, Carrollton
Josh Hall – Engineered Floors, Dalton
Jay Neely – Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Savannah
Daniel Richard, Irving Consumer Products, Dieppe, New Brunswick
Brian Sage – Great Dane, Savannah